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The First Ever

We should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward.


Schools throughout the United States and its Territories are invited to participate in the production of a"Sankofa African American History Fair". The Ssnkofa History Fair is designed to encourage research, education, artistry and demonstrate creativity as they create displays featuring great events, persons and meaningful contributions of African American people.

Sankofa History Fairs should be planned to take place during February, 2020 (African American History Month) or June, 2020 ( African American Music Appreciation Month) or November/December, 2020 ( Pre-Kwanzaa).

The Sankofa African American History Fair, will create a new avenue for young people to express their abundant energy as they plan and prepare their exhibits.

Schools can financially jumpstart their Sankofa History Fair, by participating in the fund raising program we have designed so that they can provide scholarships to students in need and pay bills associated with the production of the fair.

The American Negro must remake his past in order to make his future.  |History must restore what slavery took away.

Dr. Arthur Shomburg

The Peace Fellowship will provide "Special Scholarships" to assist students who create displays depicting the following:


The Fifteenth Amendment

The Nineteenth Amendment

The Voting Rights Movement or Act

The scientific work of Dr. George Washington Carver

Women Leaders


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Religious Figures

The Movement Music of the 60's



Music For Ode To Martin Luther King, Jr.

Laws of Civility

African American Historians

African American Mathematicians

The Gullah People

Family Members Renown or Unknown

Relationships Between African Americans & Native Americans

We will provide applications for the "Special Scholarship Program" in September, 2019.  Additional categories may be added at a later date. 

Exhibit categories include:


Photos or Videos

Plays or Performances

Book Creation



Musicians & Their Music

Historical Papers


Science Experiments

Art Creations

Product Creation

Oral Presentations

Comedy Routines

Health & Food Exhibits


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